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Subtitles does not show at YouTube


I added new translation to Udacity's video on July 3rd. Till now (July 11th) it is not available via Youtube/Udacity site. Is it normal? Should I wait more? How long does it usually take to get translation to Youtube?


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Seems that I solved my problem alone. I post solution here so if anybody had similar issue, he would find solution here.

The problem was caused by timing: last subtitle lasted to inifinity - there was no end time. Just after making end time, captions has showed up on YouTube.

How to upload amira videos in youtube

Thank you for your question, Sabita.

Amara does not host videos, it only streams them from their original location on the internet, which you can find opening the URLs tab of the Amara page for the video. You can then try to download from this original location, then upload to YouTube.

But as the videos that stream in Amara pages are already on the internet, it makes little sense to upload them again on YouTube, and it might  even be a copyright violation, unless the video is yours or you have permission to republish it..




Congratulations on finding this yourself, Rafal! It's not all that obvious, but setting the end time-code for the last subtitle is indeed very important.




I have the same question (subtitles do not show up at Youtube), but the solution didn't help me. I did have end-times, and I edited and added end-time again, but of no avail. What am I doing wrong?
The video at Amara with subtitles is here:
And at Youtube here:


Thank you, Olle. You're right about your problem being different: your 2 subtitle sets are marked complete, so they should transfer to YouTube.

However, you only just completed them, and I don't know how often the Amara-YouTube syncing happens. So maybe wait a day or two, and if the subtitles still don't appear on YouTube then, please create a ticket about the issue: the ticket will go directly to Amara's tech staff who will be able to look into the matter.





I have the same problem, subtitles are not showing on YouTube, I have made double sure that I have end times on my subtitles, and they are complete. It has been several days since I completed them, but they are still unavailable (only the automatic English version is available). The video is hidden/secret, will that affect the subtitles? The accounts are linked, as far as I can tell, but if I have to do anything on YouTube's pages to link and sync, I cannot find the place to do so.


Thank you for reporting this, Miriam Helen

Could you please give the URL of the Amara page corresponding to the YouTube video, so I can try and understand better or tell you whom else to ask?

I'm not very knowledgeable about YouTube-Amara syncing, beyond its external signs. However, as a temporary work around, you could download the subtitles you made on Amara (any of the formats offered, except TEXT, will do). And then you can add them manually to YouTube, as explained in the "Upload file" section of YouTube's Add subtitles & closed captions tutorial.


Hi Claude, 

Thank you for your speedy reply! The link to the video is

Thank you for the workaround, I'll try that if all else fails, but I love Amara's interface, so I hope we'll figure out what's wrong :)


Hi Miriam,

Sorry I didn't reply here earlier: I was following your exchange with Amara's tech staff in ticket #84915 about the same issue. Nevertheless, I should have let you know I was doing that.

Summarizing here, in case someone else reports a similar issue on this forum:

  1. streams the public video which is hosted in Robin Smith's channel, not the hidden/secret copy of the same video on your friend's channel.
  2. This is why the URLs tab of this Amara page does not have a the "synced" mention, even though your Amara account is synced with your friend's channel: syncing works with videos, not with subtitles.

So even if you ask Robin Smith to sync her channel to Amara (as was suggested in the ticket discussion), and Robin Smith does so, this will add the Amara subtitles to her public video, not to the  hidden/secret copy of the same video on your friend's channel.

In this case of Robin Smith accepting to do this syncing, your friend will have two options:
  1. Refer to Robin Smith's public video instead of to her/his hidden/secret copy for whatever use she wants to make of the video.
  2. Use the workaround indicated above to manually add the subtitles to her/his hidden/secret copy.

And then, there are some issues about asking others to sync their YouTube channel to Amara:

  1. This syncing entails that they create an Amara account if they don't have one yet.
  2. As the first point of the pop-up triggered by the "Connect to Youtube" button in says:
    "We automatically add your public and unlisted YouTube videos to Amara " (my red).
  3. This means that the Amara pages that stream their unlisted videos now appear in search engine results, which defeats the purpose of their original being published as unlisted.
  4. If they pay attention to that point, they might well not want to do the syncing; if they don't and do the syncing, they might resent this afterwards: many video deletion requests have been caused by that.
  5. If they nevertheless click the "Link Accounts" button in this popup, they'll land on an page that says:
    "Amara would like to (...) Manage your YouTube account", with a further pop-up explaining that this means:
    "View and manage your videos and playlists - View and manage your YouTube activity, including posting public comments"
    (with further managing requests for people who have linked their YouTube and Google accounts).

So even though Amara never misuses these permissions, many people might refuse to grant them, out of principle.



Just finished transcribing the video, tried to sync with youtube, but nothing happened:( the subtitles still do not appear. Do you know what am I doing wrong?

Thank you! 

Thank you for your question, Anastasia.

The problem you encountered is due to the fact that the original video was published by TEDx Talks.

For these YouTube TEDx Talks videos, you should request that they be added to Amara's TED team, using the form in You must also join the TED team.

After you've sent the form, the admins of the TED team will add the video to it, and you will get an email once the video is ready for official subtitling.

For more complete info, please view the How to add a TEDxTalk to Amara video tutorial.

I hope this explanation is clear. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Claude Almansi


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