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Subtitles does not show at YouTube


I added new translation to Udacity's video on July 3rd. Till now (July 11th) it is not available via Youtube/Udacity site. Is it normal? Should I wait more? How long does it usually take to get translation to Youtube?


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Thank you for your question, Ka Ti. 

The video pages you mention  have all been added to the Udacity team. Oddly, they are not synced to the YouTube original, which would make the subtitles transfer automatically there.

So I guess the best solution would be for you to write to one of the admins of the team (choose one who has been recently active) and ask him/her to transfer your subtitles to the originals.



Thank you for your question, Harry. If you mean dubbing your video in German, you should hire professionals for that. If you mean translating the subtitles into German, you can add the video to Amara, make the captions in the original language, and then use your social networks to find volunteers who might be willing to translate them. You can also add the video to the Captions Requested team: there are German-speaking volunteers there.



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