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Using text expansion software


I'm testing some text expansion software with Amara and other programs.

After an unsuccessful attempt with "Ditto" (counter-intuitive and useless manuals), I stumbled across "PhraseExpress".

I'm not going to summarize all the ways it can reproduce long and repetitive phrases into your Amara text but I'll just say that it's configuration settings are far greater than I had imagined.

It's not only a copy and paste tool, but offers a number of other ways of knowing what you need to put in

In the image,  I have my Amara folder and sub-folder floating on the desktop for copy and paste (with mouse clicks) but here I've typed the letters "pp" and now I'm being invited to insert "passed pawn" which is exactly what I want.

I'm on the trial version and I'm not sure what I'll lose after expiry of the trial period (I know the floating menus will disappear though) so it does come down to spending money but perhaps if others are interested in trying it out and like it, we could get them to give us a good price?

File and folder sharing are also possible and via a folder too like Dropbox

I'd give this software 9/10 so far, the only negative point is that it does not switch off when it should when certain applications are running

is anyone interested in trying it out?


Thank you! This phraseexpress could really save time, from your description. I will certainly try it - once I've finished an urgent translation.

Best wishes for 2015



Hello Claude

Yes, please do try it out as I don't want to test it by myself.

And Happy New Year to you too

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