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How do I upload my subtitles?

Hey guys I am new to Amara, and I have just made my first subtitles, and now I would like to add them to the youtube video. (It´s not my own channel, but it´s videos has Amara-subtitles) I don´t understand the instructions... :)

Thank you for your question, Frida Marie.

Only the person who posted the video on YouTube can add subtitles to it there. If in your case, this person has connected his/her channel to Amara, then your subtitles will autmatically get added via this connection. If the uploader is adding subtitles from Amara manually, then you could try to message him/her via YouTube about your subtitles, or simply leave a link to the Amara page in a comment to the original video.



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Thank you very much, Claude!:)

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