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All our team cannot subtitle a new video anymore

All our team cannot subtitle a new video anymore, same with you ?

Example :

(17.8 KB)

Thank you for posting about this issue on the public forum too, Verone.

Besides your own ticket, there have been several other ones about the same issue since yesterday and I am experiencing it too. So presumably, tech staff is looking into it now, and will let us know when it gets fixed. So for the time being, I'm making your topic sticky, so that everybody encountering this issue can see it more easily.




It seems that the problem is solved ;)

Great - thnks again, Verone.


Hi, this also happned to me and I need help.

Thank you for reporting this, Fatha. Please indicate the video where the issue occurred. Thank you in advance. Best, Claude
Hi Fatha,

Apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, this video seems to belong to a private, maybe OnDemand, team, so I cannot view it. Please write to the admins of the team and let them know about this issue. Alternatively, you could create a ticket from - that will go to Amara's tech staff



I want iliski durumu karmaşık turkish srieas in english subtitles
Thank you for your request, Piya, but next time, please create a separate topic, rather than adding a request to a thread about something else.

I have found one episode of this series,  İlişki Durumu: Karışık 33.Bölüm Fragmanı ᴴᴰ , on Amara, and it does not have any subtitle set yet. So you could add other episodes, and hope for some Amara user/s to eventually make English subtitles for them, but as Amara users are volunteers. it might take long or never happen, unless you promote the idea of making these subtitles in another context: say a group of fans of the series.

However, Amara also has a paying pro service: if you are willing to pay, you could make a request, using this form.


Claude Almansi

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