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Amara Link Problem

I subtitled a video from Italian into English: "Sustainable REVOLUTION in the KITCHEN! | Lisa Casali | TEDxTrento". I received two feedbacks. In one of these it is written: The subtitles have been returned to you for additional work and/or corrections. Perform this task.. But when I click on "Perfom this task" the page that appears is completely blank. Can I do something? And why the English is still incomplete for this video? It's the first that I use this site and I would know if it's normal for the reviewing process? Thank you. Maria Laura

Hi, Maria Laura,

I see you also made a ticket #82658 on the same topic, but its status is "closed". However, you can reopen it if the explanation that follows doesn't solve your problems: it will be addressed by tech staff and TED staff.

From the Activity tab of the video, it appears that  TIANYU WANG accepted your English subtitles but later on the same day, Denise R Quivu "rejected" them, which is Amara's software impolite way of saying you should have it back to make some changes.

However, the "View tasks for this video" link in the menu of the video opens a page that says:

Review English Subtitles

Original Language: Italian

Video: RIVOLUZIONE sostenibile in CUCINA! ...

Subtitles: latest draft transcribed by Maria Laura Nicolini

which is unassigned. But as translator of the subtitles, you can't review your own translation: this is possibly the reason why the "Perform this task" link in the feedback you received gives you a blank page.

You could send an Amara message to the person who asked you to do the "additional work or corrections", and ask her to make the translating task available to you again.

If this doesn't work, then re-open your icket #82658 , please.

Finally, don't worry about your subtitles being marked "Incomplete": it only means that they have not yet gone through the final approval that adds them to the original video. From what I see, they do cover the entire video.

Tanti auguri per quest'anno,

Claude Almansi

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Hi, Claude Almansi,

you've been very kind and you've resolved all my doubts. I will send a message to the person who sent me the corrections.

Thank you again.

Auguri anche a Lei.

Maria Laura Nicolini

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