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How to save/edit a transcription which is already there?


I just added a Turkish video and I see it already has a transcription, which is almost perfect. So that is much better than a couple of years ago when there was none. But I have 3 questions.

Has it been transcribed by a human, or by a machine and can I see by whom/what?

When I pause the video the words disappear. Can I save/edit that transcription?


Thank you for your message, Geoff.

The username of the last editor of a set of captions/subtitles is indicated in the relevant language subpage. If more than one person has worked on a set, you will find their names in the history of revisions.

Please indicate the URL of the Amara page so I can see the disappearing words issue. But yes, you can save/edit transcriptions done by others. It is courteous to let these other editors know (by messaging them via their user page) that you intend to participate.



When I click "Add/Edit subtitles" it says "No subtitles started yet." but when I go to add new Turkish subtitles and play the video they are already in the video (they start speaking at 1:19) but not to Amara standards e.g. they are long. So I thought maybe the video creator TRT had added them but when I click "watch on Youtube" they are not there.

Thank you for the URL and the explanation, Geoff.

What happens is that the video already has Turkish subtitles on YouTube, and these are the ones you see in the Amara watching and editing players. But you can't edit them directly with Amara.

What you could do, technically,  is download the YouTube subtitles, upload them to the Amara page, and then correct them with the Amara editor.

However, it would be better to check first with the YouTube uploader if this is OK with them. Apparently, the YouTube Maysa ve Bulut channel belongs to their author, Resimli films. The contact info on their site,, does not list an email, but maybe you could send an sms to their mobile phone number?



Oh I see. I wonder how the Amara software manages to turn on the Youtube captions, as I don't see a CC icon or any subtitles option under the gear icon when I am on Youtube. Anyway as English is my native language I may add some English subtitles instead, as translation practice.

Thanks very much for explaining.

Looking forward to your English subtitles: this seems a really interesting children's tale, but I know no Turkish, apart from "Merhabar".

Here is a screenshot of how I see the YT video, with captions/subtitles set to red in my YT settings (it makes it easier to see what are YT's and what are Amara's):

Aha instead of using my Chromebook I went to my Windows desktop and changed the Youtube language from Turkish to English(UK) and then it gave me a captions option. Thanks for solving this

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