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Some Podcasts (RSS Feeds) fail to download the music :-(

 Hello. I'm new to Miro and I really love the user interface for podcasts.

Unfortunately, I'm encoutering a bug with many a RSS feed.

Some podcasts are added correctly, and I can download the episodes without problem. Example " "

But others, such as " " fail : though the complete list of available episodes can be seen, no downloading is possible.

The error message is " No internet connection ; next try in 10 minutes ".

I wonder why. Can this problem be avoided ?

And first, does the same happen on your computer ?

Thank you in adavance for your help.


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Thank you for reporting this, Jean-Paul.

I am in charge of the support forum for Amara. 

The Participatory Culture Foundation no longer offers support for Miro. However, the support forum remains, in the hope that Miro users will be able to help each other. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Miro: I only briefly used it when it was called "Democracy TV". I do hope others will help you.



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