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video has been blocked

After all the work we put in, the video uploader has restricted it to you tube only. How rotten.

They didn't provide any real captions just the automated ones and those were wrong. And only in English.

But now that it can't be viewed on Amara it also can't be captioned here.

Not the first time this has happened where they get upset it's on Amara (even though they allow embedding), and delete it or block it.

So should this be deleted? Thanks.

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This is indeed frustrating.  The Amara video page should not be deleted, though.  In fact there's a  Chrome add on that can  retrieve Amara subtitles and play them over a Youtube video. Better still: the About tab of the Youtube uploader's profile gives an email contact, "for business inquiries ", but you could use it to ask them to allow the video to stream to Amara.

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