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Subtitles not transferred to YouTube

Hello, I translated a video of a YouTube channel as the girl who owns it put the Amara link in the description box. I logged in, translated everything from English to Italian, synced it and pressed "publish". Still, I don't know why all the work I did has not transferred on YouTube too. I see that other translations have been added. 

Did I have to do something else? What should I do? Do I have to wait a little?

This is the url of the video on Amara:

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for pointing this out, Anna. 

There is indeed an issue with the transfer to YouTube, as appears in the URLs tab of the video: it should have a "synced" label and it does not.

Please send a message to Daiz via her profile, and ask her to create a ticket via  As the creator of :, she can use the ticket to ask Amara tech staff to fix the issue with syncing to YouTube.

Best wishes

Claude Almansi

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thank you for your attention and help. I'll try my best to contact her and see if it'll work. 

Have a nice day,

Anna Meneghin

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