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Remark subtitles from complete back to incomplete?


I was subtitling a video but I must have accidently clicked "publish" or something because now the English subtitles have gone from "incomplete" to "complete" even though I haven't finished them.

Is there a way to turn the subtitles back from "complete" to "incomplete"? And if there is, once they are "incomplete" how can I avoid turning them into "complete" again?

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Thank you for this relevant question, Bob.

 In the case of normal, public Amara pages, marking a set of subtitles as complete when it isn't is no problem: you can still go on editing it.

It is a bit more complicated if the video has been added to a team, where clicking "publish" entails moving to a different stage. If this is the case, please create a ticket where you explain the issue and indicate the relevant Amara page. It will go to Amara's tech staff who will be able to help you.



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