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Subtitle Backup not working

Hello, I finished translating a video but then I couldn't publish it for some reason. I was able to get a dfxp file but when I uploaded it, it says the file isn't supported and I have not edited the given file in any way. It was a 12-minute video so it's going to take a while to re-do everything. Could someone please help? Thank you!

Apologies for the belated reply.  Did you perhaps change 

the extension of the back-up file?  

It must remain .dfxp in order to work. 

If this is not the case, please create a ticket, indicating the URL

of the relevant Amara page and attaching the back-up file. 

The ticket will go to the Amara tech staff, who will address the issue. J

Hello! I'm not sure what a ticket is but here is the editing website and attached is the file. I have not changed anything from the file, it just automatically downloaded for me (not a tech person so I'm not sure if the laptop changed anything itself). 

Thank you for reaching out:)


Thank you, Linh PHAM.

 I tried to upload your file to the Amara Sandbox page (I didn't want to interfere with your editing). 

However I got a message saying:

('There was an error while we were parsing your xml', XMLSyntaxError('PCDATA invalid Char value 8, line 1, column 3571')) original error: None

Unfortunately, I am  not conversant enough with the DFXP format to attempt to fix this error. So could you please create a ticket from

You can use the same subject and description as here, maybe quoting the error message above, and attach your DFXP file. The ticket will go to Amara's tech staff, and they will be able to fix your file.



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