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there seems to be a invisible line

I'm translating this video, English to Japanese.

i guess the line from 5:19:18 has invisible line because of merged or something, and all translated texts are out of position after that.

How can I fix this?

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Thank you for pointing this out, Yuya Takizaki. 

Unfortunately, I don't know Japanese, so I have to rely on Google translate for checking. 

So far as I can see, you synced "全ては生命の可能性を秘めている" at 5:20.51, but  it should only be synced at 5:24.24, as the English "I think of them as dormant witnesses."

If this is correct, you could:

  • paste 全ては生命の可能性を秘めている at 5:24.24, above それぞれが、ある瞬間のある場所を記録しているのだ
  • delete the now empty subtitle at 5:20.51
  • cut それぞれが、ある瞬間のある場所を記録しているのだ from 5:24.24 and paste it at 5:27.47, above リチャードにとってもそうだろうが、
  • cut リチャードにとってもそうだろうが、from  5:27.47 and paste it at 私はそれらを捨てることができない
  • etc, for the other subtitles you've made

Nevertheless, it would be safer to check with a Japanese-speaking member of your team.




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