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History of revisions messed up by the software

In the comments starting with "Curious variation of the uploading a translation problem" and "Darren, Re your list of steps" to Verone Black's Can't add a new translation thread, I explained how the Amara software had messed up the history of revisions of the Tagalog subs for the Beyoncé - World Humanitarian Day 2012 Campaign Messagevideo when I updated them by uploading an .sbv file of the complete subs:
 ...this single upload produced 3 revisions:Moreover, this single upload also tampered with Revision 0  by abdel.disangcopan, erasing from it the 4 subs he had made there, and which I had downloaded as the attached  Beyoncé file.
[reattached here]

Yesterday, the Amara software messed up the history of revisions of Richard Gresswell's English, British subtitles for Youssou N'Dour featuring Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds, but this time when I rolled back to Revision 6 in Revision 9. All former revisions were emptied by the software, included a "retired user"'s revision it had created of its own bat.

Richard Gresswell eventually managed to fix the subs. Nevertheless, a reliable history of revisions is essential for collaborative subtitling, and so the software shouldn't be enabled to tamper with it.

See also our exchange about this messing up of the revisions  of the subs of the "7 Seconds" video in messages 5 and 6 of Video: Elton John - Your song.


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Hello Claude, 

Thanks for expanding on the issue and pointing us to another case where this is happening, it will make it easier for the devs to pinpoint where the issue is. It is not normal behavior and I hope we soon have it resolved. 



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