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Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the current list of shortcuts we are working to implement in the new editor.

Let's use this space to capture suggestions.

Note: Shift-tab isn't yet implemented, but it's planned for the very near future.

Attached is a text version.

(3.78 KB)

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I'm new to the Amara platform, I checked and 99% of all short cuts keys working without issues.


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hey thanks for the shortcuts i really needed that

Wow... wonderful. I was looking for this information especially for the keyboard shortcuts

Thank you for this request, Thanassis. I hope someone from the tech team will reply.


Hello there. I want to know if it is possible to implement the proposed shortcuts for the italics etc.

Hi Gordon,

via the New support ticket link top right.




Claude Almansi

How do I create a ticket ?

Thank you for the reminder, Gordon. Would you create a ticket with the same request, please? It will go to the tech staff who might give you a timeline.


Claude Almansi


Hello eveybody
When is the save version shortcut available ? (Ctrl + S)
It is badly needed (My PC crashes a lot).

Thank you in advance

Thank you for your question, Cida. I'm answering you in English because I only understand Portuguese, but cannot write it.

Your question is unrelated to this discussion. So I created a new discussion, The legacy editor is no longer updated, where I copied, translated and answered your comment. If you have further questions about the legacy and present editors, please ask them in this new discussion.


Claude Almansi

Boa tarde. Por que não podemos mais legendar vídeos entrando na página do Legacy? Era muito mais fácil. Nessa página atual se você sincronizar ou revisar um vídeo e depois sair você não consegue mais mexer neste vídeo para fazer alguma alteração. Pelo menos eu não vejo um local onde posso fazer isso. Antes, quando eu precisava parar uma sincronização eu poderia encerrar e retomar de onde parei. Por que não podemos mais?  


Aguardo uma resposta

Apologies for the late reply, Gordon.

It would indeed be great if the speed parameters could be changed by users, as speed recommendations for SDH vary: for instance, Reading speed in subtitling for hearing impaired children (PDF) suggests a 12 c/s limit.

However, I don't know if such a configuration by users would be technically feasible. As the speed indication is not prescriptive, you can just ignore it if you are within the 25 c/s limit you want to go by: you will still be able to mark your subtitles as complete, in spite of the speed warnings.




About SDH subtitles where the cap is 25 c/s instead of 21 c/s,
could there be a way of changing the parameters so that the red warning only turns on accordingly ?
(Maybe a dropdown menu where we choose the c/s that we are currently working with ?)

Is it possible to select a word ( a name for example, which it's spelled wrong) and replace it, like in "replace all", in the entire file? Something like "Find & Replace"?

Thank you for your suggestions, Nate Lawrence.
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