Miro Video Converter 3.0 is relased.

Miro Video Converter 3.0


We at the Participatory Culture Foundation are so proud to announce a completely updated version of Miro Video Converter.  We have acted on your requests and the latest release adds some amazing new features such as:

  1. Batch Processing
  2. More devices and output formats
  3. Better control for output size and aspect ratio
  4. Output of progressive MP4 files for web playback
  5. Improved WebM output quality with SD and HD options
  6. Thumbnail generation
  7. Some additional output options for video developers

And it’s all wrapped up in an incredible new UI!


Keeping with the original simplicity of Miro Video Converter that has made it popular with all of our users, the updated Miro Video Converter comes with a great new look.


See the complete blog post here: http://blog.getmiro.com/2012/11/released-an-amazing-update-of-the-miro-video-converter/

1. Batch processing doesn't work on the same file (must be different files).

2. You mean, more presets

3. Not enough control

4. Bravo

5. Long needed

6. Interesting addition

7. Nowhere near enough options, some output format quality is ridicilously bad (and pretty unusable)

The download link is broke. How do we download this tool?

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Is it work like an mp3 converter. As I am using "y2mate" for converting into mp4 and "ytmp3 conv" for converting into mp3. Is it works the same as "y2mate".

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