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Removing subtitles or videos

Updated August 15th, 2018

Please note that the removal of a video page or a subtitle set does not remove from your profile the entries about your having created/edited them.

Removing subtitles:
If you are the sole author of a subtitle set and if no other subtitles

have been translated from it, you can request its removal  

  •  in a reply to this topic if the video has not been added to any team, or
  •  if it has been added to a team, in a message to that team's admins.

When submitting the request, please

  1. Label as Remove Subtitles and language
  2. URL for the subtitle set's  page in Amara (it looks like this: )
  3. Your Username
  4. Reason for taking down the subtitle set.

Removing videos:

If you have added a video to Amara by mistake and if its removal would not affect any subtitling work done by others, you can create a ticket via to request its removal:

  1. Label as Remove Video
  2. URL for the video's location in Amara (It looks like this:
  3. Your Username
  4. Reason for taking down the video

Copyright-motivated removal requests:
If you are the copyright owner of the video, please note that does not host any videos, we simply list and embed them for subtitling purposes.  Removing a video from will not remove the video from wherever it is hosted.  If you need the Amara video listing and subtitles removed for copyright reasons, please submit a request at 

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Thank you for your request, Stefano.

I have removed the Italian subtitles in Amara. However, as your Amara and YouTube accounts are synced, they still appear in the YouTube video.



Thank you Claude for your answer! I am new in Amara so it is no clear to me what should I do to remove the subtitle also from the Youtube video. Thanks for helping me, Stefano

Hi Stefano,

To delete them manually from YouTube, when signed-in in YouTube: 

  • from the droplist that opens when you click on your profile picture, select "YouTube Studio (beta)"
  • once in the studio, select "Videos" on the left 
  • find the video from which you want to delete the subtitles, open it
  • under the title, there are two links: Basic and Advanced
  • click on Advanced
  • under Subtitles and CC for original video language, the existing subtitles sets are listed
  • click on the one you want to delete , and choose "Delete".



PS Problem with the YouTube-Amara syncing: each time someone makes Amara subtitles for your videos and mark them complete, they automatically get transferred to YouTube, whereas you have control on the community subtitles made on YouTube, because they must be approved by you before they are published. If I were in your situation, I would undo the YouTube-Amara connection: the links to the Amara page will remain in the Youtube description, but subtitles made there won't be transferred  to YouTube, unless you transfer them manually: safer.

Dear Claude,
thank you so  much for your so detailed explanations!
I have followed them but then I realized that maybe I didn't write clearly that the video whose subtitles I have created and I want to erase is not a video from my channel (so it is not present on my videos), but from a different channel, that invites people to create subtitles for its own videos ( Is there any chance to erase them anyway?
Thanks again.
Enjoy your day,

Please can I stop getting replies in this topic? I am not following it but I keep getting replies. Thank you.

Thank you for your request, Buzbee.

Indeed, you are only listed as having participated in this discussion, not as following it. I searched Freshdesk support (Amara support uses the Freshdesk platform) and did not find anything specifically pertinent to your situation.  It could be that Freshdesk automatically subscribe participants to as followers of, a discussion: if so, how can unsubscribe email alerts? might be the solution:

"At the bottom of the e-mail, there should be a "Turn Off" URL:


Clicking on this should allow you to "Unfollow / Unsubscribe" from the forum."

It sounds a bit radical, but I suppose you could still follow new topics if you wanted to.

Sorry I cannot be more precise.




Hello, I wish to remove these subtitles that I wrote as a translation for the AVGN web show.

This subtitle has been removed from the original video itself by my request and I now request that you remove this one because i'm uncomfortable with displaying my full real name online like this. You can find it when googling my name. Actually, just removing the first line "Undertexter av Lukas *******" would be enough for me. Thank you.

Thank you for your request, Lukas. 

However, Veronica Amara Support already took care of it  in 2016*, deleting the first revision where your name appeared in the first subtitle.

So I don't understand how come Google is still indexing that first revision that was deleted over 3 years ago.  But I believe it is a Google issue now, no longer an Amara issue.



*Her last revision is dated 03/19/2016

Yes, I remember this. But something must have went wrong because I can still see my name, on Amara as well, when clicking the link. You can see this for yourself. Thanks.

When I try to follow your link to your first revision,, the page says for me:

We're sorry - the page you are trying to access does not exist.
If you need help please see our support center.
Otherwise, get back to

So maybe you can still see that first revision because it is still in your browser cache? Still it should have disappeared from Google long ago. Perhaps you could try to create an Amara support ticket - via . But be patient, there are few Amara tech staffers, and many tickets.

You could also use the Google Remove Outdated Content form.

I hope this helps,



Thank you for your request, Angela.

However the following videos had no subtitles:

And I was unable to delete the subtitles of these because they were made by other people:

So in the end I was only able to delete:

Sorry I can't do more. I see you also created a ticket with a cognate request: I'll add a note with a link to this reply to simplify things for the tech staff in charge of tickets.



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