Talk titles now appear differently in the TED Talks project in Amara. Specifically, speaker names have been separated out of talk titles. 

Example: the title 'Bernie Krause: The voice of the natural world' now appears as two distinct translation fields: 
1. Bernie Krause
2. The voice of the natural world 

This change is a necessary for the upcoming redesign. Even though you now enter translations for the speaker name and title separately, when your subtitles publish to, these fields will automatically be arranged to display together.

Please read below to see which areas in Amara have changed.

1. 'Speaker name' is a separate field in subtitle editor, appearing with the talk title and description.

How it looks in beta editor:

and in the old editor:

* NOTE: In the old editor, please be extra careful to scroll past the description to view the speaker name field.

2. Speaker names will not appear on video thumbnails (on the Dashboard and Videos tab). This is temporary -- Amara is working to display the speaker name.

3. Speaker names will not appear on tasks. This is temporary -- Amara is working to display the speaker name.

4. Speaker names will appear on video pages.

5. Speaker names will be search-indexed, so you will get correct results if you search by speaker name on the Tasks or Videos tab.