Welcome to your Amara Plus team! 

We hope the following guide helps you get your team setup quickly. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help!

Amara Support

For any questions email us at enterprise-support@amara.org and the first available staff member will reply. 

  • Please include the following information to help us help you faster.

    • Team name.

    • Team Owner email address linked to the account. 

    • Details of your question or issue you are having trouble with. 

Getting Started

Log into amara.org with your free Amara username.

  • Please note - your Amara username is separate from your team to allow users to have multiple teams on one username. 

Go to your Amara Plus Team using either option below:

  1. Select Team Workspace to search for teams.

  2. Select your Amara Plus team in the dropdown under your username.

Teams you manage page with links to each team for fast access.


Integrate your Amara Plus team with your video hosting site

Integrating your team with an external video hosting site provides benefits that help save you time by automating several steps:

  • Import videos automatically from the site to your Amara team (YouTube only).

  • Import subtitles automatically when you add a video from your channel to your Amara team.

  • Export subtitles when marked complete on Amara.

Important note: Log into the external account in a separate browser window before starting the integration process.

  • Be sure to integrate your channel with your Amara Plus team, not your personal Amara username. 

  • The integration can be added to your personal Amara profile or your Amara Plus team, but only one can be integrated at a time. 

  1. Go to your Amara Plus team. 

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Integrations.

  4. Select Add Account.

    • Choose the host site your videos are hosted on. 

    • The support articles below have specific instructions for each hosting site.

Settings page with account management options for integration setup.

  1. After the host site is integrated you can see the subtitle export history for all completed subtitles. 

Integration options for Kaltura and Brightcove

Kaltura and Brightcove integrations have special steps shared below:

Add Videos Manually

If you prefer not to integrate your host channel with your Amara team (or have integrated with Vimeo or Kaltura that does not automatically import new videos to the team), you can manually add videos.

Adding single videos to your team

  1. Go to your Amara Plus team.

    • Select the Videos tab

  2. Select + Add videos

  3. Select Add video URL 

  4. Copy the URL in the browser window on the video page on the host site and paste it into the URL address field.

  5. Select the source language spoken in the video.

Add video with one URL popup

Adding multiple videos using URLs

Go to your Amara Plus team and select the Videos tab and select + Add videos

  1. Select Add multiple video URLs

  2. Enter the URLs of any compatible videos (acceptable formats include: Vimeo, YouTube, MP4, WebM, OGG, and MP3). 

    • Enter one URL per line. To designate titles for the videos, add a space after a url and enter the title after the space.

Add Video options using URL, multiple URL lists or CSV upload with language selector.

  1. Select the source language.

    • Please note when adding multiple videos they must all have the same source language. 

  2. Select the Add Multiple button.

Team Admission Settings

There are three types of team admission: Open, Application, and Invitation.

  • Open: Any Amara user can find and join a team with an Open admission policy.

  • Application: For teams with Application admission, Amara users can find the team but must apply and be approved by team Admins before they can join a team.

  • Invitation: For teams with Invitation admission, the team is not visible to anyone except team members, and a team Admin has to invite a user to a team.

Adding members to your team

Anyone who wants to work on your team, whether they are a vendor or a member of your in-house localization team, must first create an Amara account. It’s free to sign up!

The basic Amara Plus subscription includes 2 team members. 
You can send invitations or add members directly to your Amara Plus team.

  1. Send an invitation with the username.

  2. Send an invitation with the email address

  3. Add members directly to your team

  4. Enter their Amara free username. 

  5. Select the role for the user. 

    1. Permissions for each role can be selected on the Settings tab under Permissions. 

Invite members to the Amara Plus team popup window with dropdown to select role for each member.

Add more seats to your Team Subscription

You can add more seats to your subscription at any time.

  1. Go to your Amara Plus team.

  2. Select the Plan tab.

  3. Select Change Plan Options to add or remove users. 

    • Each additional user seat is $12.00. The amount will be prorated for the number of days the users are added to the team.

  4. Select Change Payment Method to update your credit card details. 

Screenshot of the Amara Plus plan page with options to update payment method or change the number of users on the team.

  1. If you need to cancel your Amara Plus subscription just email us at enterprise-support@amara.org and share the details below:

    • Owner username and email.

    • Team name.

Uploading Subtitles

You can upload subtitle files from either the video page or from inside the editor.

  • On the Videos page click on the three dots to the right of the Add/Edit subtitles button, then click on Upload subtitles.

Screenshot of the Upload subtitles option under the three-dot menu on a video page on Amara.

Or you can select Add/Edit subtitles in any language to enter the editor.

  1. Select Subtitles tools

  2. Select Upload subtitles.

Screenshot of subtitle tools and Upload subtitles inside the Amara editor

Order captions and subtitles 

You can order captions and subtitles from the Subtitle Orders tab on your Amara Plus team. There are two options available:

  • Automatic captions (60 free minutes per month)

  • Professional, human crafted captions and subtitles 

Free automatic captions to help get you started

You can order automatic captions to give your linguists a head-start.

  • Your Amara Plus team subscription includes 60 minutes of free automatic captions per month. 

Automatic captions order section including 60 minutes per month of free automatic captions included.

Order professional, human crafted captions and translations

You can also submit a video to our Amara On Demand team of professional linguists.

Hire an expert section for submitting an order request to Amara On Demand professional subtitling services.

Start Subtitling or Translating

There are a number of ways that you can subtitle or translate team videos.

  1. On the team Dashboard click on the Transcribe [language] or Translate [language] button under a video and you will enter the editor.

Translate link on the video card on the Amara team dashboard tab.

2. Or you can go to the Videos page and click on the video you wish to subtitle or translate.

  • If no subtitles exist in that language yet, click on the Add/Edit subtitles button.

Add/Edit subtitles link on the video page on Amara

  • Select the language in the Add new subtitles dropdown, then click on the Add button.

Screenshot of Select a language dropdown on Add subtitles window of the video page.

  • Or if subtitles for the language already exist, click on the subtitle language from the Incomplete Subtitles or Completed Subtitles list.

Using Completed Subtitles

There are a number of ways that you can download subtitles. We recommend downloading VTT file type for most use cases.

  • When viewing a video page, click on the download button to the right of the Subtitles header and choose the language and the file type you wish to download.

Screenshot of Amara video page with the link to select the language and file type for download.

  • Or click on any language that you want to download from either the Incomplete Subtitles list or the Completed Subtitles list.

  • Click on the Download dropdown under the subtitle language header and choose the language and the file type you wish to download.

Screenshot of how to select download under the language page header to select file types to download.

Tip! Check out this blog post to find out what the recommended subtitle format is for your use case.

Happy Subtitling on your new Amara Plus team!

  • If you have any feedback to share we would love to hear from you, email us at enterprise-support@amara.org. 

Your experience is very important to us and we appreciate any ideas or suggestions you may have to help make Amara even better!