If you are a Language Coordinator, your privileges allow you to make changes to a translation or a transcript, after they have been approved and published.

If you spot any mistakes to a published task, you need to navigate to the Talk’s page on Amara and choose the task language from the list on the left.

Then, click on Edit Subtitles button, and you will be transferred to the subtitle editor.

Make all the corrections you see fit, both in the subtitles and in the Title and Description menu.

You can also upload subtitles that you fixed offline. To do this, click the wrench icon and click "Upload subtitles." When working with TEDTalks, you need to use the .dfxp format. Using other formats will erase the paragraph breaks used in the transcripts view on TED.com, which you will need to restore manually.

Video Tutorial on how to post edit published subtitles: