You must be an administrator of an Amara team to import and export subtitles with video hosting site integrations. Learn more about Amara’s external integrations in these articles:



Follow these steps to add an external integration with your team:

  1. Make sure you are logged into the correct video hosting account (YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Kaltura) in your browser 

  2. Go to your Amara team page (you can find it in the user menu)

  3. Click the Settings header menu item

  4. Click Integrations from the sidebar on the left

  5. Click the green + Add account button


Accounts section highlighted on an Amara team's Integrations settings page.



Edit Integration Settings 

After your integration is set up in your Amara team, you can view or edit the settings for each of your integrations by hovering over it and clicking the pencil and paper icon on the Settings > Integrations page.


For videos that you import, you can choose whether you want to do any of the following:

  • Export subtitles automatically

  • Export video title and description automatically

  • Import initial subtitles from your integrated hosting site

  • Set additional Amara teams to export subtitles from

  • Set additional Amara teams to import videos into

By default, new integrations are set to automatically import initial subtitles when you add a video and automatically export completed subtitles, video title, and video description. If you disable automatic export from Amara, the changes you make on Amara will not show up on your integrated hosting site.


Adding Videos

To add a video to your Amara team after integrating your external hosting account:

  • Go to your team page > Videos tab

  • Click the Add Videos button

  • Enter the URL of the video

  • Set video language


Public videos are easiest for Amara users to view and subtitle.


Checking for importing and exporting issues

Check your video’s privacy settings on your connected video hosting site. 

  • Allow embedding on videos that you wish to add to Amara.

Only completed subtitles will export to the connected host site. 

  • Click on the video, then the subtitle language, and check to see if the subtitle is marked as Complete

You can check for syncing issues and resync any subtitles that did not export to Vimeo on the Integrations page.

  • Team > Settings > Integrations page > Subtitle export history section




Screenshot of the subtitle details page with highlighted Sync History tab



Privacy and Special Considerations

For videos added to teams:

  • If the video visibility in a team is set to Private, only the team members (and members of chosen evaluation teams) are able to see the video, thumbnail, title, description, and subtitle text

  • If the video visibility is not Private, anyone will be able to access the video and subtitle pages

  • If the video is private or password-protected, other users will be unable to play it on Amara without the necessary credentials


Owners and administrators of an Amara team can change the visibility of their team and its videos in Team Settings.


Subtitles imported from your integrated external site will appear on the Subtitle Details page on Amara as imported with video by Amara Bot.


If you are admin of a team that syncs subtitles to a YouTube channel, or to a Brightcove, or Kaltura account, you can check why some of your subtitles fail to sync to the video hosting provider and act on this information.



Check for exporting errors

Open your team Settings page then click Integrations on the left side of the page and scroll down to the Subtitle Export History section:

Error filter in Subtitle Export History section of integrations settings page on an Amara team


In your Subtitle Export History, you can search and view errors and attempt to re-sync your subtitles. Find all subtitles that failed to sync by selecting Error in the Export result filter.




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