You already have a user account on Amara, but you cannot see your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen? Then it is time to sign in! To begin, please click either the Login or Sign up link to open Sign Up / Login page

Detail screenshot of red arrow pointing to the sign up and login buttons on Amara home page

Next, you can sign in:

I. With your username and password.


If you signed up with the use of a username and password, please enter them now in Sign In panel under Or use your Amara account header:

Click Sign In to proceed. If the username and password were typed correctly and match an active user account, you will be successfully signed in. If the password did not match the username, you will be prompted to retry and confirm that you are human by entering the letters you see in the captcha. The captcha was introduced as your protection against brute force password cracking; we apologize for any inconvenience it may be causing.

Please note that even if you have created a user account with the use of a social network account, you still have a username and can set (and use!) a password if you wish. In fact, you can use Google (or Facebook, Twitter, etc.) button or a combination of your username and password interchangeably. Learn more >>



II. With your social network account.


If you signed up to Amara with the use of a social network or linked a Facebook or Twitter account to a regular username-and-password account, you can sign in with a single click on the Google (or Facebook, TED, etc.) button! 



When you click one of these buttons, the system will prompt you to log on as a Google (or Facebook, Twitter, TED, etc.) user, if you have not yet done so already. Then it will look up in the list of existing user accounts for a record that matches the social network account you have chosen. If a match is found, you will be signed in immediately. Otherwise, you will be prompted to sign up with the use of this account:


So, if you had signed up to Amara as a Google user, you need to be signed in to Google as (or signed out) before clicking Google button. If you have been signed in as, for example, before clicking Google, the system will look for jane.doe in the database and will eventually prompt you to sign up. In this case, click Sign Up page link at the bottom of the panel, sign out of Google in a different Web tab, and start all over again.