In accordance with the Amara Terms of Service, videos and subtitles are not normally removed from the Amara Public Workspace, because we want to respect the work performed by Amara users for the associated videos and subtitles.

Amara is a free public service and we wish to preserve the collaborative spirit of our community and respect the time and effort of our contributors. This is why we avoid deleting the results of other people's subtitling efforts.

Therefore, we will not delete a subtitle or video that has been shared or worked on by other users unless it is an exceptional case.

Note that any Amara user can add a video to the Amara Public Workspace from a video hosting site such as YouTube and Vimeo. After a video has been added, other users can view the video on the Amara Public Workspace and begin work on subtitles in their language.

Delete Videos in the Amara Public Workspace

You may delete a video that you added to Amara if you are the only contributor to the video.

  • Click on the three buttons to the right of the Add/Edit subtitles button.

  • Select Delete video:

In the Delete Video window, type the words Yes, I want to delete this video, then click the Delete button:

We may be able to make exceptions for videos that have contributions from other members. Please send the following in an email to

  • The Amara URL of the video (example link).

  • Your username.

  • Reason for requesting deletion of the video.

We will determine if we can remove it if there are contributions from other members.

If you would like your videos to be made private you can build your own Amara team with privacy, customizable workflows, and additional support. You can also contact to request more information about our team options.

Delete Subtitles in the Amara Public Workspace

You can request subtitle removal if all of the following are true:

  • You are the only author of a subtitle set.

  • No other subtitles have been translated from your subtitles.

  • The video is in the Amara Public Workspace (i.e., not on a team).

    • If a video belongs to a team, contact the team Administrator directly for subtitle removal requests. You will see the team name/URL on the right side of the page if a video belongs to a team that has set their team video visibility to public, for example:

Amara team ownership highlighted in video panel

Submitting Your Subtitle Removal Request

  • Reply to this Removing Subtitles Forum topic.

  • Label your request “Remove [language] Subtitles.”

  • Include URL for the subtitle page in Amara (example link).

  • Include your Amara username.

  • State the reason for requesting deletion of the subtitle set.

Delete Videos in Amara Teams

Administrators of teams have control over the videos they add and delete through the Videos tab.

Team Administrators - Remove a Video

  • Select your team from the username menu at the top right.

  • Click on the Videos tab.

  • Select the videos you want to remove.

  • Click the Remove button in the slide-up menu at the bottom of the page.

Videos page with one video selected and the Remove button highlighted in the slide-up menu

Video Removal Options

For videos that you added directly to your team through the Videos tab, you can choose to delete the video from Amara entirely or just remove the video from your team:

Removing Video dialog box for Amara teams with two options for deletion

Please carefully read the explanation of the consequences of each of the options: 

  • If you choose to remove the video from your team only, the video will still be available in the Amara Public Workplace. 

  • If you added a video to your team from the public video library, you are able to delete the video from the Amara site entirely. Amara is a collaborative space where users can volunteer their own time to create subtitles for their online communities. Please only permanently delete videos from the Amara site when necessary so that you respect other user’s work.

Then choose the option you prefer, enter the confirmation phrase “Yes, I want to delete this video”, and click Remove to complete.

Team Members - Request to Remove a Video:

If you are a member of an Amara team and you need to have a video removed from your team, send your video removal request in a message to that team’s Administrator. You can find your Administrator on the Member tab of your team.

Delete Subtitles in Amara Teams

Administrators and Managers of Amara teams can delete subtitles created for videos on their team. Team members with other roles will not see the option to delete subtitles.

When you delete a set of subtitles:.

  • All subtitles for that language will be deleted (all revisions).

  • The language will no longer be usable for translations.

  • Any assignments for that language will be deleted.

Note: Deleting a subtitle Request is not the same as deleting subtitles.

To delete a set of subtitles go to the subtitle’s page by visiting the video page and clicking the subtitle language you want to delete.

Note: On Collaboration teams you can also go to the subtitle’s page by clicking the subtitle request on the Requests page.

On that subtitle’s page, you can click the Delete subtitles link on the right side of the page:

Subtitle's page with the Delete Subtitles button highlighted on the page

Please carefully read the explanation of the consequences of deleting subtitles: 

Deleting Subtitles dialog box for Amara teams with Delete Subtitles button

Then enter the confirmation phrase “Yes, I want to delete this language”, and click Delete subtitles to complete.

DMCA Requests

Finally, if you are the legal owner of a video that was added to Amara by someone else, and absolutely need to have it removed from, please feel welcome to send a DMCA request (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to

Thank you for your contributions to support an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback!

  • To submit a quick ticket, click No in the Did you find it helpful link below.