Best place to start: Miro Communities Solutions

First of all, our Solutions area has information including Frequently Asked Questions, How To's and Troubleshooting guides, as well as a Getting Started guide that will help you get your Miro Community up and running.

Browse the different sections through the column on the left, or search here by typing a complete question, or just by writing in the main keywords.

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Miro Community Status Blog

Check out the updates on the Status of Miro Community servers, as well as changes to the platform on the Miro Community Status Blog!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  

Search the Documentation for Miro Community. You can go to the mailing list, then ask in the irc channel for MiroCommunity.

Think you’ve found a bug?

In case you have come upon something on our site that you think is not working correctly, or is working opposite to what is described on the Solutions area, please go to the Documentation area and follow the steps outlined there.

Reporting bugs

Here are some guidelines for good bug reports:

  • Check the bug tracker to make sure that the bug has not already been reported.
  • Ask on the IRC channel (#miro-hackers on or the mailing list to make sure that what you’re seeing really is a bug.
  • Make sure that the bug is reproducible. Include instructions for how to reproduce it.
  • Be as specific as possible. If a video page looks strange, check whether other video pages also look strange, then report which is the case.
  • Give as much information as possible. Include error text, screenshots, links, anything that you have.

The better your bug report, the more likely someone is to fix it!


Reporting security issues

Please report security issues only to


Requesting features

When requesting a new feature, please do the following:

  • Ask on the IRC channel (#miro-hackers on FreeNode) or the mailing list to get a general feeling on the feature.
  • In your ticket, give a clear use case for/reason behind the new feature.

Super Important! Please follow our guidelines for good tickets – this helps us provide better support to everyone. Thanks!