Review Queue page is located at

To access it:

1. Select "Videos" item from the main menu on the left side of the administration interface.

2. Click on "Review Queue" tab.

The Review Queue page contains videos that have been added to the site, but have not been approved by an administrator and are thus not yet publicly available.

Videos can come into the review queue from:

To review a video, click on the title of that video in the left hand column, and it will appear for preview in the right hand column. You can also quickly approve or reject videos by hovering over the thumbnail for a given video in the listing and clicking the appropriate command.


Most information for a video can be edited on the Review Queue page by clicking on gray "edit" links next to a given category. Administrators can also see if a video is from a particular feed, or who the contact is if the video has been individually submitted. Any notes left when submitting the video are also visible here.

To help avoid slow loading times, the Review Queue is paginated. You can Approve or Reject all videos on the page by clicking the appropriate buttons at the top of the queue, or reject all videos currently in the Review Queue by clicking "Clear Entire Queue."


If you would like to follow the Review Queue submissions via RSS feed, two options are given - Unapproved RSS, which includes all items currently in the Review Queue, and Unapproved User RSS, which includes only user submitted items (not videos that have come in from a source or search results).

In order to use the review queue properly, your browser must have JavaScript enabled.