Manage Sources page is located at


To access it:

1. Select "Videos" item from the main menu on the left side of the administration interface.

2. Click on "Manage Videos" tab.

This area deals with sources of video, rather than individual items. The most common sources will be Media RSS Feeds, including those generated from YouTube, Vimeo or user profiles, which are referred to as "Video Site Users." The other source is "Video Site Searches," which are saved keyword searches performed by Miro Community.

Administrators can Add a Feed or Search for Videos using the buttons on this page.


This area is the only place to edit the settings for a particular source. Administrators can change the categories a source falls in or the user associated with it, and basic information such as the name and website link for the source. This latter information is not prominent by default, but may be visible in some themes.

Changing the thumbnail for a source / setting a particular thumbnail for a source will substitute the chosen thumbnail for items from that source that do not have a thumbnail. Items with a thumbnail will not be affected.

Administrators can also choose to change a source to being auto-approved or having items from that source reviewed. This will not affect items already on the site, only future videos.

Sources can also be deleted from this page. If you choose to delete a source, you will be asked whether to also delete the items already on the site that have been imported through that source (as opposed to only stopping future videos from importing).