Finding Content Partners

The best way to find people creating video in your community is to start with what you know. Try looking at blogs and websites that cover your community, and see if they produce or embed videos on their site.

If you are building a local community, consider engaging:

  • Students
  • Local businesses
  • Non-profits
  • Entertainers
  • Government and City Services
  • Bloggers

Encouraging Engagement

  • Seed comments - comment on the original site where videos were hosted, letting the creator and their viewers know that you're aggregated their content. This will spread the word and get creators involved - invite them to submit again!
  • Link to relevant videos on your site in conversations elsewhere on the web. If there's a blog post discussing how to fix a broken lamp and you have a video of that on your site, comment and let people know!
  • Contact related bloggers and news outlets - they can use your site as a resource to find interesting and relevant video content. They may even be interested in including a widget on their front page.