Miro Community is built with Django templates. With a Max account level, you can upload your own custom template. In this section, we give some resources for editing your theme and steps for making changes.

Editing a Theme

  1. Visit yoursite.mirocommunity.org/admin/themes/
  2. Download the theme you want to change.
  3. Unzip the theme.
  4. The theme has a few areas that are of interest
    • CSS/Styling: /static/css/
    • Images: /static/images/
    • Html/Templates: /templates/
  5. Make changes to the relevant files and save. Useful places in the template include
    • Header, Navigation, Footer: /templates/localtv/base.html
    • Content on Index: /templates/localtv/index.html
    • View Video pages: /templates/localtv/view_video.html
  6. To change the name/thumbnail of the theme, edit the meta.ini file, which contains the information about the theme.
  7. Re-zip your theme file and then re-upload it using the "add theme" button.

Staying Up to Date

If you upload a custom theme you will not automatically receive front-end changes and bug fixes.

To stay up to date, either:

  • Check out recent Template changes and manually add the changes into your theme, or
  • Download the latest version of a default theme and add in your customizations (you can find this zipped file attached at the end of this article) , then re-upload.

For those who are making minor changes to the theme, the latter is recommended.

Additional Information