To add a single video to your Miro Community site, click the "Submit a Video" button at the top of each user-facing page. You can also click "Submit a Video" in the "Videos" section of the admin-facing portion of the site.


You may enter any valid URL into the Submit window.


For videos from Youtube, blip, or Vimeo, entering the video URL will automatically pull the video meta-data (such as description, thumbnail, date, title, author and tags) from the host site and generate the appropriate embed code. You will then be given the opportunity to add additional tags.

For video files, such as .mov or .ogg files (e.g. you will be asked to fill out the metadata information manually, including Title, Description and other information.

For URLs that are not recognized (other video host providers or other websites, such as, Miro Community will request that all metadata be entered manually, including the embed code for the video. You can often find the embed code by looking on the video player for a "share" or "embed" link, and can then copy and paste that code into the appropriate box. If the embed code given has the video width being over 540px, the video player will spill over onto other parts of the video page, so you may want to consider re-sizing it.

If you are logged in as an administrator when you submit a video, your video will automatically appear on your Miro Community site. If you added the video manually, the date may not be accurate - you can edit this on the video page. You can also attribute the video to an authorplace the video in a category, and edit any other metadata you would like to change.

To change the embed code of a posted video, you will need to go to the Bulk Edit page.

The videos submitted by other people will go to the Review Queue to be moderated by an administrator. When a video is submitted by a registered, logged-in user, Miro Community notes the username and the email address associated with this user as the contact for the submitted video. Videos submitted by a logged-in user are visible on the user's profile. Users also have the opportunity to enter in any Notes regarding their submission (these will be visible only to site administrators). Those users who are not logged in will have the opportunity to enter their email so that administrators may contact them about their submission.