Custom domains are available only to those with paid accounts. If you cancel your payment subscription, your custom domain will be disabled.

To change the domain of your Miro Community site to a domain you have purchased or a sub-domain of your existing site:

  • Add an A record to the DNS for the desired domain or subdomain (such as pointing to (the IP for the Miro Community server)

This process may take 1-2 days - we will email you when your site is up at its new domain.

Please be aware that once you change the domain of your site, we will no longer be able to track viewing statistics for visits to your site at the new domain. We highly recommend incorporating Google Analytics or some other form of analytics tracking into the footer of your site. Visitors to your old domain will be redirected to your custom domain.

The server setup we have built is designed to host your site at just one preferred domain.

If you have two different domain names you want to use, you will have to set up your own redirect. We suggest you use a "Permanent" redirect, also known as HTTP 301. This is good practice on the web generally. You should be able to do this with your existing domain or web hosting provider.