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How can I upload subtitles directly by .srt file???

Hello Amara Team, 

Recently I've browse your website and it's really cool. So great idea! Now, this is my problem. I translated a TV Show on, but later owners of the show deleted the episodes for copyright terms. I converted viki subs on .srt format. The episodes of the show are for free on YouTube and are uploaded by another one (my friend) here. Now I want to add Albanian Subtitles there, but my subs haven't the same synch as the English subs. I don't want to start from the begginig with the synch of subs. Why to do that? I've made it one time. The time codes are on .srt format. Why I need to make the synch over again?? I don't understand!!! Please help me because it's so important.

Thank you in advance...;)))))

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Hi, Eri Pançi

Actually you can upload your Albanian subtitles:  is  an empty video I use to try Amara things out. I already had English subs there, and now I uploaded a set of totally unrelated Albanian subs (1).  So you should be able to do the same with the video you allude to (for how, see How do I upload subtitles and transcripts?).

But beware of the bug described in Critical issue with uploads and rollbacks: software deletes/mangles subtitles and revisions : uploading Albanian subtitles might trigger that bug. As a precaution, first download all existing subs for that video before doing the upload.

What I don't understand is why you want to go via Amara: if the person who created the YouTube video is a friend of yours, s/he could add your subtitle file directly to it.



(1) downloaded from 


Hi, Claude

Thank you so so much!!! I'm really glad that you helped me. Like I write it was so important for me, because then I'll upload the videos with hard subs. You save me a lot of time.

Thanks once again!!!

Eri Pançi


Another question. I promise is the last one ;P. Look, now I want to delete the subtitles that I've make wrong. How to do that???

Thanks so much.........

Hi again, Eri

If you just want one or a few subtitles deleted in a given  set of subtitles, go to the subtitles page, click "Edit Subtitles", do the deletions and save.

If you want a whole set of subtitles completely deleted (including its history of revisions), only Amara staff can do that: you can post a deletion request in Reply here to request to Delete a video or Remove subtitles. But be patient (see here ).

If you just want to replace a set of subtitles by another one (for example, because you uploaded the wrong one), usually you can just upload the new set as you did the first one, and the new set will replace the first. But again, beware of the bug I mentioned in my first reply: download other existing subs first.
Sometimes, the software refuses such reuploads of existing subtitles - if it does, please post the URL of the video or of the subtitles here.



Thanks again Claude, 

I hope that in the future everybody will delete the subtitles there selves, because this take a very long time.

My pleasure - my turn to ask questions :D

In your deletion request , you wrote:

"Please delete Afar and Albanian subtitles for those videos: I make wrong the Albanian subtitles so I put those subtitles on Afar language.Thanks...."

But presently, both the "Afar" and "Albanian" subtitles seem to be identical for the audio part, and - using Google translate as I don't know Albanian - they seem to correspond to the English subs. So did you manage to upload the correct Albanian subs "as Albanian subs" after you made the deletion request? If so, could you add a comment to your deletion request explaining what happened, and maybe canceling the request?

Second question - out of pure curiosity: what does shqip mean, actually? I thought it meant "Albanian", but the Google translation of "Titrat ne shqip u sollen nga erip2(EriPanci)" translates it as "English", with "Albanian" one of the possible alternatives offered. In , Prof. Xhevat Lloshi gives a fascinating explanation of shqip as meaning "understanding each other" and dismisses the "eagles" explanation I knew. Do you agree with him? Because if that's true, then sqip should become the one official international language at the UN and in the EU!


Thank you that you've interesed so much on my subtitles and my language ;P. It's not true that "Afar" and "Albanian" subtitles of the videos below are identical. I just view them and are not the same, that's why I put subs on "Afar" language, so I will not cancel the request.

"Shqip" doesn't mean anything in Albanian, expect as you know, means Albanian language. Eagle in Albanian is "shqiponje" so, as you see the words are approximately the same, but aren't a same word. I don't want to say that I don't agree with Prof. Xhevat Lloshi, because he is a prof. and I'm just a student, but I don't agree. As I know "shqip" just means "Albanian". I saw that the translation of "Titrat ne shqip u sollen nga erip2(EriPanci)" translate "shqip" as "English" but is a mistake, 'cause as you have understand it means "Albanian subtitltes are brought to you by erip2(EriPanci)". I hope that I'm clear :P.

What was that comment on page that I've requested to delete the subtitles: 

PCF Support
Hello, I'm sorry we haven't been able to help with deletions lately – instead we're moving to a self-service model. Please read the updated instructions and be careful not to remove a fellow user's hard work. ???

Hi Eri,

Thank you for your explanations about "shqip" - pity the "understanding each other" interpretation is wrong it was so nice! - and about the difference between the Afar and Albanian subtitles.

The PCF Support comment you mention refers to the first post of the Removing subtitles or video  thread, which, on April 1st they changed from:

"Posted by Jules Rincon
Tue, Nov 6 at 6:01 PM

Normally users don't delete video entries, since this may destroy the results of other people's subtitling efforts.
However, if it doesn't affect other users, we could help you to take a video down - but we'll need you to give us some information.
You can do so as a reply to this thread.

To request to delete a Video.
  1. Label as Delete Video
  2. URL for the video's location in Amara.
  3. Your Username
  4. reason for taking down the video

If you created subtitles and would like to remove them, and it won't affect other languages:
  1. Label as Remove Subtitles and language
  2. URL for the video's language page in Amara
  3. Your Username
  4. reason for taking down the video.
Is there a copyright issue with the video you wish removed? Please go here."
(archived in on Nov. 12, 2012)


"Jules Rincon
started a topic 5 months ago

Updated 4/1/13

Removing Subtitles
If you created subtitles and would like to remove them, please ensure that you're not destroying anyone else's work (check the revisions tab – if there are any other usernames listed, we urge you to NOT remove your work). We also discourage you from removing your subtitles if there additional languages on the video, because you can interfere with other people's work if they translated from your subtitles. Once you've confirmed that you won't be destroying another user's work, go to your subtitles' language page and open the subtitle editor – blank out each line in the editor and save your progress. Your subtitles will be removed from the list of languages in the sidebar of the video page.

Removing Videos
We generally don't encourage deletion of video entries, since this may destroy the results of other people's subtitling efforts. However, if you're the content owner and your video has been added to Amara and you'd like it removed, please submit a DMCA takedown request (see section 7 of Amara's Terms of Service) and we'll remove the video."

 See also my replies to the comment by PCF Support that you mention (about the new subtitle deletion procedure) and the Copyright questions concerning video deletion requests  thread (about the new video deletion procedure).

Hi, thanks for reply, but I'm sorry! Are you saying to delete each line of subtitles, each subtitle???? Because this take a very long time??

Anyway, forget it. I will just let the subs as are now. I won't change them.

Have a good time! ;))

Hey, Amara staff are saying that - I'm not, on the contrary. In case that was not clear, I'm just a user like you. What I wrote in that deletion thread is  a) that their method wouldn't work anyway; b) like you, that even if it worked,  it would be darned time-consuming. I just used your request as an example of how darned time-consuming it would be.

So of course, why would you be wasting time deleting your "Afar" subs one by one, just to be told at the end that you have to go back to make some subs or exit (which would leave the Afar subs as they are now)?

"Afar" is particularly at risk of mistaken subs actually in another language caused by a slip of the mouse, because it is the 2nd in the droplist of languages: Amara lists 38 videos with "Afar" subs . But none of these "Afar" are actually in Afar: they are in English, Spanish, Korean, Malay, at times in gibberish when the subtitler was apparently just trying the software.

This slip of the mouse can happen to anyone: even Darren Bridenbeck , who is member of the Amara staff, made "Afar subtitles" that are actually in Spanish for the phd full  video.

Of course, "Abkhasian", being the first language in the drop-list, is even more at risk. But as Amara lists 143 videos with "Abkhasian" subtitles,  I'm not going to check them all - though Amara Staff really should, because a check on the first 20 ones not only shows that their "Abkhasian" subs are not in Abkhasian, but are also revealing of the problems some people have in understanding how the Amara software works.

Then in some cases, the mislabeling subtitles as "Abkhasian" or "Afar" seems deliberate, as several other subtitle sets for the same video are also similarly mislabeled - kind of a "WTF are these languages anyway? Let's squat them to experiment with the software" attitude.


OK, thank you so much for your explination Claude, and sorry for misunderstanding... I really thought that you was someone of Amara staff, because you knew so much for Amara.

Anyway, once again thanks so much ;)))))

My fault - at times I forget to specify that I'm just an Amara user. Maybe I'll change my username for this forum to "calmansi  justanamarauser" .

I tend to reply on this forum when I can and when Amara staff don't,  because it's we people using collaborative web applications who make them work. And so we all (including developers) need a strong users' community.


PS I just changed my showing  username from "Claude Almansi" to "calmansi justanAmarauser"


Hahahahahahaha, Claude, you have absolutly right. "justanAmarauser", you make me laughs...:PPPPP

Thanks 4 everything Calmansi...


You're right, I had the timeline open and that was the issue. Thanks! 

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