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Software help for dummies like me?

 I downloaded MVC to see if it would help me make the conversions needed for HTML-5. Obviously I can't ask anything for the price (free/donation), but here I am with a program screen that offers no menu, no help, no instructions other than "Drag Videos here", and no user guide (that i can find) on your website. Further, the few short tutorials I've seen show a screen that is significantly different from what I'm seeing. I'd think it might be a version difference, but there isn't even an "ABOUT" menu to check that. What i see when I open the program is...

So as crazy as it seems to have to start a forum topic just to get started, let's start here. If I drag a video into the area shown, and I want to output the necessary files to be able to satisfy most HTML-5 viewers, I believe I need to convert to .MP4 and .OOG and I guess WEBM, correct? So I want my output size to be 640 x 540 (4:3) and I drag/select a video, set my 'custom size", then pull down "FORMAT->VIDEO->OOG Theora". A little message pops up saying "Will convert to Ogg theora". So now what? there is no start button, the conversion doesn't start on its own, and as I've said... no instructions at all.

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