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Subtitles from Amara to Youtube

I have a probrem with putting subtitles from Amara to Youtube : I'm french and I made french subtitles on Amara for a Youtube video, and these is no subtitles on Youtube. Can someone help me please ? I don't want to lose the work which I made...

If you need the video :

Thank you for your request, Pierre Alexandre.

Subtitles made with Amara are transferred in two ways:

  1. Automatically if the publisher of the YouTube video has connected his/her YouTube channel with her/his Amara account: this is what happened for "【Radix】Undertale OST: 068 - Death by Glamour Lyrical Adaptation", for which you also made French subtitles that transferred to YouTube, but it is not so with "Undertale the Musical - Metal Crusher": that's why your French subtitles did not transfer automatically to YouTube
    (the URLs tab of Amara video pages indicates with a "synchronisé" button if this connection has been made)
  2. Manually if the publisher of the YouTube video grabs the subtitles from Amara and adds them to the YouTube video. So in the case of "Undertale the Musical - Metal Crusher", you could ask the publisher of the YouTube video (Man on the Internet) to do that. (*)
Even if Man on the Internet does not do it, your subtitling work will not be lost: people will be able to use it on Amara.

In case you are Man on the Internet on YouTube, don't rush into connecting your YouTube channel with your Amara account: true, it's handy to have subtitles automatically transferred to YouTube, but there are two main drawbacks:

  • All your unlisted YouTube videos will appear on Amara, in pages that can be indexed by search engines, which defeats the purpose of having them unlisted on YouTube
  • You have no control on the transfer: once a user marks a set of subtitle as complete, it gets automatically added to the YouTube video. While vandalism is rare on Amara, people sometimes goof in good faith, like translating over the original subtitles, uploading the wrong set of subtitles etc. So you might not wish to havesuch errors transferred to Youtube.

Happy subtitling

Claude Almansi

(*) Before asking Man on the Internet, you might wish to do a last check on the verb endings in your subtitles :)


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 Thank you very much for your answer, you helped a lot me ! :)

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