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Suddenly none of my videos play. Anybody else having this issue?

Suddenly none of the dozens of videos I have edited on Amara play.

When I go to the play screen it is just blank.  It doesn't play at all.

The YouTube videos exist and play on YT without the subtitles.

Is anybody else having this issue?

Please help!  This contains a lot of content I am worked for many hundreds of hours on.

Thank you for this message, Fred Curry.

I don't have this issue with the video I checked on this android phone (browser Duckduckgo). 

Hopefully this is only a temporary issue. 

Nevertheless , please indicate the OS and the browser you are using, and the Url of a page that is not working for you. 

All the best, 

Claude Almansi 

Oops, I just saw your ticket and the exchange with Rieann, Fred. So everything is OK now?



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