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Copy/Convert to device into subfolders matching the feed name


Currently, when I drag&drop files to my android device, they all end up in the same folder (which can be configured). I would rather them to be organized in a folder hierarchy corresponding to the feed names.
Currently, both DesktopComputer/Miro/feed1/video1 and DesktopComputer/Miro/feed2/video2 will end up in androidDevice/Miro. I would like them to be in androidDevice/Miro/feed1 and androidDevice/Miro/feed2.

In the source file lib/, around line 881, there is a method called
 add_items(self, item_infos)
 adding something like:

            target_folder = os.path.join(target_folder,info.feed_name)
            if not os.path.exists(target_folder):

just before
if conversion == 'copy':
can do the trick.

Thank you.

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A +1 for this.

I use Miro to synch to Rockbox and like to delete them on the fly.

Synching either into a subdirectory with the same name as the feed, or duplicating the pseudo-folder structure you can create on the sidebar would make managing things a lot easier (at least for me)

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