In case you have come upon something on Amara that you think is not working correctly, or is working opposite to what is described in the documentation, we can help. Please ensure you've followed each step in order, and we'll be able to best help solve

1. Try out different solutions

Make sure that your issue is directly related to Amara, and isn't otherwise addressed in the Getting Help section. Try performing the actions in a different browser, clearing your cache or cookies and/or restarting your computer.

2. Make sure there isn't already a post about the issue

Please check the Amara Forums , and OTPedia’s Amara Known Hiccups to see if others have written about similar issues, and find possible solutions and workarounds. If you find a relevant thread it’s better that you post there first, before you start a new thread or ticket.

3. Start a thread on the TED/Amara forum

Please please  sign up  and  log in , and post about your issue on the TED section of the Amara Forums  – the Amara staff is watching, and equally importantly, other TED translators will be able to know if they're experiencing the same issue or not. This is incredibly important, because if you just submit a ticket, it'll be totally invisible to the rest of the community.

4. File a ticket

If no one else is experiencing your issue, you've started a thread on it, and you've made sure it is not a problem with your computer, please  sign up  and  log in , and click "Submit a ticket" on the top of the screen. Please follow the instructions in guidelines for good tickets  – this helps us provide better support to everyone. Thanks!