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Ogg conversion very bad quality

Is there any way to adjust the settings of ogg theora? It's coming out looking like 8-bit and super lo res.

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Hi there,
i am having the same Problem. I converted from one big video to different formats (mp4, ogv and webm) for a website. The bitrate of ogv is very bad what leads to a bad video quality. Is there a way to configure Miro? Maybe a way with console?

Edit: I handed in a ticket, no reply yet.

I've contacted them about this and never got a resolution.

So ... they're definitely aware of the issue.

I've got the same problem, OGG quality is really bad. Please can someone take a look at this issue?

Could you guys fix this? In your previous version of Miro, it worked fine. Now it's broken. Since Firefox needs OGG Theora video, this is a very important function. I'd be happy to make a donation if you can fix this. Thanks.

Perhaps we could actually get a response from Miro Support crew in here?!?!

This problem did not occur in V 2.6, so I reverted to using that.

Seems like a bug.

Mac Pro, OSX V 10.7.5, 2x2.66Ghz Dual-Core Intel Xeon, 8 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM, SSD hard drive.

I've the same problem. Trying to convert a .mov (1.22 GB, 1440x1080, 2.25 min vid) to oog theora.

With the same results described above. Screen shots from source video and oog result are attached.

(153 KB)
(181 KB)

 Hi - I have filed a ticket in bugzilla for this.  With the latest version we switched to using the ffmpeg conversion as opposed to using ffmpegtotheora.

Can anyone suggest a better conversion command so that we can get this fixed?

Here is the current command that we are using: ffmpeg -i {input} -f ogg -vn -acodec libvorbis -aq 60

Grr...This is like the only software that I can find that will actually convert video to .ogv but the "quality" is just terrible.


I have the same Problem. Can anyone tell me where I can get Miroconverter Version 2.6. so i can make Ogg Theroa in good quality?

Thanks for Info


Windows and mac latest versions are equally bad at converting to Ogg Theora.  This is a deal breaker.

A google search for 'miro video converter older versions' includes links to older downloads. I'm off to test just now.


In this directory/Terminal:
cd /Applications/Miro Video
Edited this file:
open -e

After these lines:
class OggTheora(converter.FFmpegConverterInfo):
  media_type = 'format'
  extension = 'ogv'
I replaced:
  parameters = '-f ogg -vcodec libtheora -acodec libvorbis -aq 10'
   parameters = '-f ogg -vcodec libtheora -c:v libtheora -c:a libvorbis -q:v 4'

Then ran python -m compileall .  in that directory in

Then I quit and re-started the Miro Video ... Now I get better quality OggTheora ...
(I actually also replaced ffmpeg in the Helpers dir with my own binary, but I don't think mattered, as I had the same problem until I changed the config.)

I guess you can play around with quality, I assume q:v is video quality, and that 10 is best.
So another example could be: -c:v libtheora -q:v 7 -c:a libvorbis -q:a 3 filename2.ogv


Hi Phil,
thanks a lot for this comment. I've tried this and your are absolutely right. It works well. I have only one thing to mention: The filesize of my Demo-Video increased by 277% (2.2 MB to 6.1 MB).
But as you mentioned, i'll have to play around with the qualitysettings.


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