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How can I upload subtitles directly by .srt file???

Hello Amara Team, 

Recently I've browse your website and it's really cool. So great idea! Now, this is my problem. I translated a TV Show on, but later owners of the show deleted the episodes for copyright terms. I converted viki subs on .srt format. The episodes of the show are for free on YouTube and are uploaded by another one (my friend) here. Now I want to add Albanian Subtitles there, but my subs haven't the same synch as the English subs. I don't want to start from the begginig with the synch of subs. Why to do that? I've made it one time. The time codes are on .srt format. Why I need to make the synch over again?? I don't understand!!! Please help me because it's so important.

Thank you in advance...;)))))

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I'm also curious about this srt file issue. I came across your site while researching on the Internet. 

Hi, Rollin Cummings


Thank you for your query, but you've landed on an old discussion and things have changed since.  Presently, to upload a srt file, please follow the indications in the "Upload Subtitles" section of the Subtitle Options on Amara tutorial. 



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