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no conversion of media files

 I installed MiroVideoConverter just to find that it does nothing. It doesn't matter if I drag a movie clip to the window or if I open the file from the dialog. It does nothing. I have found no documentation on how to use it, how to set options, nothing. It required me to install 3 different packages that I did not want to install the converter. After the installer was finished, I uninstalled the 3 other packages. Is this why the converter isn't working now, or is there some other issue?


file being converted: wmv video with no audio recorded with Screen Recorder


Dell Optiplex GX240 mini-tower

1.6GHz Pentium 4

640 megs RAM

80G Hard drive


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I uninstalled Miro. I am going to try again, but this time I hope I get an option to bypass the other 3 packages. I just had to reset FireFox because the search engine bar replaced internal strings with its own name. I want to avoid that. If I cannot install it without accepting packages I don't want, then I will pass on this converter.


I downloaded the ad-free version of the installer. I was able to re-install Miro without the extra packages, but the converter is still doing the same thing. It won't open a file dragged and dropped on it, nor will it open a file selected in the file dialog. All of my videos are wmv format made using Screen Recorder, and none has audio. I do not understand what the problem is, and I do not understand why there are no docs for this utility.


yes mate. thanks for the heads up on your issue. did you get sorted, but it seems like a bit off art that if your skint get on fiverr and pay as you go. do you have any dudes who know how to do this stuff) , surely there must be some one knows some dudes that know some dudes that can help! loads of good rep,

Thanks for this information, looking forward to hearing more :

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