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Unable to Install


I have never heard of this program before a few minutes ago. I was linked here by the brilliant which explains in detail how to set up video files for the net. It recommends this program. I downloaded.
First problem:
My ESET Anti-Virus program lights up like a Christmas Tree when I try to install.
Real-time file system protection 
file   C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\OICDA86.tmp 
a variant of Win32/OpenInstall potentially unwanted application   
Event occurred on a file modified by the application:
I tried cleaning and I tried ignoring the error. But no matter what I do the install fails with the message
There is not enough space on the disk. (C:)
I have a 2TB drive, a clean installation of Windows 7 x64. And around 1.4 TB free on the drive.
Any idea? Because having read about this program I really would love to try it out.
Mr G Jones


Solved and program now installing.
I disabled the virus protection for ten minutes. Strange because clicking on "no action" should have given the same result.
I suggest the powers that be at Miro talk to the powers that be at ESET because this could confuse many people.
Mr G Jones

Hi Gary,

My ESET Security Suite detects a Trojan in the download link

Is this  a false positive or it's actually a virus in the download.

Thank you in advance.


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