The Amara platform offers a variety of solutions to create captions and translations for video content.

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  • An award winning caption and subtitle editor anyone can use for free to add subtitles and captions to their videos. 


Create Private Teams on Amara

Amara Subtitle Editor Pricing

The Amara Plan page options for Public, Plus, Enterprise and Integrated.

Amara’s team plans offer a secure and private workspace with tools and workflows for management of the team, team videos and team members.

Features vary between different Amara teams, but advantages of a team are:

  • Customized workflow and editorial tools.

  • Premium features in the subtitle editor.

  • Option to keep your content private.

  • Importing and exporting to external sites such as;

  • Customizable team admission settings.

Learn more about our different team plans on Amara's Subtitle Editor pricing page.

Let Amara on Demand Create Captions for You!

Amara On Demand professional captions and subtitle services.

  • At Amara, we take extra care to deliver quality subtitles knowing millions of people rely on them to access content.

  • Amara’s professional captioning and translation service is focused on delivering affordable, high quality captions and subtitles, as well as text translation. 

  • Amara On Demand creates tens of thousands of professional subtitles a year and offers a huge variety of languages, plenty of subtitle formats, flexible turnaround times, and much more.

  • Submit your order online. 

Join the Amara On Demand team

  • Amara On Demand is seeking professional Transcriptionists and Subtitlers.

  • Amara On Demand is a professional captioning and translation service focused on delivering affordable, high quality captions and subtitles, as well as text translation. 

  • This service supports Amara’s mission of making more content accessible to more people across the globe by providing an affordable, alternative option.

  • We welcome native speakers of any language to apply!

Support and Contacts

Amara Support Center Knowledge Base 

  • Simple step-by-step guides to learn how to create captions and translations on Amara. 

Amara Forum 

  • Discussions and answers from our awesome Amara users and Amara Forum Moderator, Claude Almansi. 

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    • Screenshots or screencasts are always helpful, if possible. 


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