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webmhd and webmsd don't play on Firefox. Where is the vp8 converstion in MIro?

I have converted an mp4 video using Miro, into webmhd and webmsd.

None of them play in Firefox!!!

Note that I have not even uploaded it to the server where the website is.

I am just clicking on the file in my computer and it does not play.

The only way to play the video in Firefox is to go to and use their online tool to convert it to webm vp8.

How can I use Miro to convert the mp4 to webm vp8?


2 people have this problem


Have you solved it ?

Me, too.

Furthermore, the desktop video player "VLC" has problems with this video, too.

I have the same issue, and looking for a resolution. What is weird is that my webmHD videos will not play from the very beginning in firefox, but if I seek perhaps 15 seconds into a video (is different from video to video, but always the same for a specific video), then the video can be started. The same videos work in Chrome.

It seems it's just another format, and FireFox needs "webm" not "webmhd" or "webmsd", it's interesting that support didn't answer this ticket so long.

yup, I have the same problem last three days but Now, I am found that solution. You can try video converter tool or website and search the song by name that you want to download. If you try at least one time I make sure that you will find your solution. There is a lot of video converter website that can help you to download the song in various format. Following sites are:

I have free and fast youtube to mp3 mp4 converter online Ytbto that allows users to convert and download free youtube videos to mp3 mp4 format and other best formats.

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