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Can Miro convert SWF to MP4?


I'm trying to convert a SWF created by Jing to an MP4. Each time I do this is says it's successful, but when I view the MP4, there is no video, only audio.


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How can I convert swf to mp4?

You can use VIP Video Converter to convert Jing to MP4

 I use Bigasoft Total Video Converter to convert Jing SWF to MP4. It works pretty well for me.

Hi, I'm using this SWF convert to convert swf jing to mp4 and practically to any other video format.

It's a great software, very professional user interface, fast and great support.

Avdshare Video Converter is just the professional SWF to MP4 Converter which can help to convert SWF to MP4 with the high output quality and as fast as you can imagine.

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Maybe you can try the free video converter, I use that, it nearly supports every video format :)

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