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Suggestion: sticky discussions or perhaps separate board for frequent requests

In the former help for Amara, there were multiple discussions for requests that could have been grouped. For instance, about:
  • renaming or deleting a set of subtitles
  • subtitle files (usually .srt) that wouldn't upload
  • others i don't remember just now.

So there could be sticky discussions for each of those types of frequent requests, where members would just add their specific case in the replies. 

If sticky discussions can't be done here, then maybe a separate "Frequent requests" board could be made. But the problem with separate boards is that often, users don't really pay attention to their specificity (or at least, so it was in the tenderapp help).

Update: I just noticed that the How do I... discussion in the Help me, please! board is sticky. So sticky discussions would be preferable for each type of frequent reauests.

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