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Amara messaging questions

First, thanks for having fixed the e-mail notification issue for Amara personal messages  Two more questions, though:

  1. Could we perhaps view the content of the messages we send? Presently, I can only view their subject.
  2. Someone who tried to reply to an Amara message I had sent her replied by e-mail saying: "I couldn't reply inside Amara (it said my text was too long, and it wasn't!)". And in fact her reply is 5-lines long. But is there a length limit for Amara messages? (and while I'm at it: for comments on video pages?)





Update: my correspondent now wrote me that the length limit warning she got when she tried to reply via Amara was 101 characters: shorter than a tweet, which is rather odd. And it might be that one or more Amara messages I received / sent over the week end didn't get through - but as I don't have the e-mail of that correspondent, I can't verify that.

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