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Improving an exisitng translation

 Example, source language Czech, target English.

Someone has already translated the from Czech to English. I am happy with majority of the translation and want to tweak out bit here and there.

Instead of starting from scratch, this is a great solution since a timed file with 90% work done already exists.

Now in Amara the translated file uploads as English, which is a bit of an issue since my finished translation will also be english. Can we have two files for English?

Also what I like to do is upload the file. It automatically populates into the being translated pane. I think I had it English -- English which was nice.

Then I would like to upload the original in Czech so I can go over it. The czech will have different timestamps but I can lock it now and then.

How is Amara apapted for this kind of work?

Thanks again for your questions, David Al

In this case, if it is a public Amara subtitling page, could you please give its URL?  I am not sure I understand you correctly. 

If it's not a public page, can you explain where the English translation you want to tweak already appears: on Amara or on the original video?



Thank you for addressing all my questions. This subtitle would appear in a public domain like open subtitles.

Thank you for the link! Now I am reassured I understood you.  Yes, Amara is also meant to be used as you did in this case.  And in other ways too: the tutorials explain one way for beginners, but the tool is very versatile.



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