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Anyone on you tube?

I'm not a member at you tube. So I have a favor to ask.

Some people, on you tube, who have presumably not heard of Amara, are asking, in the comments under the "Unorthodox" (Netflix TV series) videos, if anyone there would please caption the videos. 

People are telling them things like "get a better TV." Well these videos are on you tube, and promotional videos are not always captioned. So obviously people are being rude and unhelpful to him. The type of TV is not the issue!

I have captioned both "Unorthodox" videos they requested. But I have no way to tell him. Can anyone either reply to his questions there, or private message the requesters there, and let them know to check Amara?

One video is 10 minutes, the other is 20. I captioned them both, yesterday and today. So I hope Netflix won't now block the captions. They're welcome to them if they want. I just want people to be able to understand what's being said.

Can anyone tell the requesters, that the videos are captioned and waiting for them? I know my request is a little...unorthodox. :p 

Here is one person who asked for captions:

on this video -

Here is another person who asked for captions:

on this video -

Here are the captioned versions on Amara -

First video -

Second video -

I don't know if you tube allows links, but it might be OK to drop the name of this site, and tell them to search, and/or to private message the requesters, with links. 

It breaks my heart to see people plead and be mocked. Thanks for any help!

Thank you for this thread, Buzbee

At one point, YouTube had blocked links, but they have reauthorized live URLs. So I just replied to the requests, linking to your Amara pages.

Yep, some folks are damned rude with deaf  people, unfortunately. It's also stupid, because the rude folks are quite likely to lose (part of) their hearing in future, according to stats.



PS I saw your ticket about Arabic wrongly reassigned as the video's language for I noticed that too when I linked to it in a YouTube comment. But not knowing how it happened, I just explained how to switch to the English captions in the Amara player.

Looking forward to the tech staff's reply to your ticket.



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