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I can’t download subs to my ipad

I have created my subs with lots of effort, but now they are well synced and ready to go. I just need to download to my iPad and then upload them to youtube. But there’s a big problem. I can’t download them to my iPad, it just downloads them to a website. If someone can help I will really appreciate it.

Depending on the format and the source of these subtitles, there are a few ways you can accomplish this. Here are some general steps:

Option 1: Using a Subtitle App

Transfer via Cloud Storage:

Upload the subtitle file to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud Drive from your computer.Install the slope corresponding cloud storage app on your iPad.Download the subtitle file from the cloud storage app to your iPad.

Subtitle Player App:

Use a subtitle player app that allows you to download and play subtitles. Apps like VLC or Infuse are examples.Transfer the subtitle file to your iPad using iTunes File Sharing or cloud storage. 

I think you can use use a File Manager App Install a file manager app on your iPad, such as Documents by Readdle or FileBrowser, which allows you to download files from websites and manage them on your device. You can use the app's built-in web browser to navigate to the website where your subtitles are hosted, download them, and then access them within the file manager app.

Thank you for refering this issue, MAMBOPOA,

I tried downloading the subtitles of on my mother's iPad and encountered the same issue: the subtitles opened in the browser (safari in this case) instead of downloading.

Problem, as in your case: the browser used another encoding than UTF-8, hence the weird symbols replacing apostrophes. Do you know how to change browser encoding on an iPad? if yes, change it to UTF-8 before opening the subtitles, so that they appear correctly. Then select them all, copy them, paste them in a note, saving the note as UTF-8 encoded simple text file, but with the same extension you originally chose.

If you can't change browser's encoding, then maybe wait until you can use a PC or a Mac, download the subtitles there and then email them to yourself.

As it is, I downloaded your subtitles as .sbv (apparently, the format you wanted?) and .srt. I am attaching them here.



Note for me: subtitles download normally on my android phone.

And I have also tried with Safari and Mozilla and the problem persists.
It seems as the problem has nothing to do with ipad, because I have downloaded subs from other places and it works.
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