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"release button to drop off"


need help about this message (when file selected or dropped, with any kind of video)... 
previous version was fully functional, all my old preferences have been deleted, here on OS X 10.8, tested in 32 and 64 bits.


(image source :

some from console log :

---> Miro Video Converter[99911]: *** Canceling drag because exception 'OC_PythonException' (reason '<type 'exceptions.OSError'>: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted') was raised during a dragging session"

---> kernel[0]: exec of /Applications/Miro Video denied since it was quarantined by Safari and not approved by Gatekeeper, qtn-flags was 0x00000002

+ my Gatekeeper seetings are ok.

for old version software : 
(83.2 KB)

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What are your gatekeeper settings?  Is it Mac App Store and identified developers?

Can you try deleting Miro Video and then reinstalling it?
Gatekeeper allowed "anywhere" (sorry but French system)
and yes, it was a deep clean install, and tested twice.
thanks for your help !
I've resigned the Application and uploaded.  Can you re-download and try again.  If you still run into issues, can you please try to  toggle your gatekeeper settings to Anywhere - then run the app and try the drag and drop.

I've run into this on one of my Mac Pros (model 1,1) running 10.7.5 - my "Gatekeeper" settings are also set to “Anyone,” and I, too, have tried a deep clean install: I removed MVC and all it's related files using AppCleaner, then I performed a deep cache cleaning using Lion Cache Cleaner, before reinstalling.

I do NOT have this issue on my MacBook Pro 5,2 also running 10.7.5.

I'm sorry – I don't know where to begin to look in the Console logs; if you'll tell me where to look, I could provide you with more information.

I, too, will also try to re-download the v.3.0 file from your site, and will try a reinstall. (Or am I misunderstanding how the thread on this page works?)

P.S. Do you automatically assign ticket numbers, or how does that procedure transpire?

BTW - this topic is 10 months old - was a solution ever found for this problem? I don't see any signs of it being resolved…

Hello? Anybody out there (in here?)?

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