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Disable renaming or change naming convention

I love this app, but I'd love a way to prevent it from adding text to the file name.  

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+1, I hate having to rename every single file.

File renaming is a real pain!

I should have been more specific.  I am converting hundreds of MOV files to MP4.  The file name comes out as "filename.mp4.mp4" but should be "filename.mp4."  Where does the extra mp4 come from?


BTW, best MP4 conversion I've found, even ones that you pay for.


I am wondering the same thing, is there a reason they add the media type as part of the file name?
There's no conceivable reason.  I could understand leaving on the .mov part, but I wouldn't like it -- as in  That would tell you the original file format.

I'll just have to create a script to fix it because I'm tired of doing it by hand.  Even so, I won't be able to do them all at once because they must be moved to different locations after conversion.


It makes a little more sense with other file types like oggtheora where the media type is different than the extension but it still seems pointless.

Yes, came here to report same issue: converting a bunch of avi files to mp4 results in filenames like: "name.mp4.mp4"

What I currently do is then run "A Better Finder Rename" to strip off the extra ".mp4" but we shouldn't have to do this!

I think would be nice to choose a custom output name.

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